1. K

    Creating Graphs from Survival Analysis Outcome

    If I run a survival analysis, how can I graph the output/outcome? I.e. if I run age group and incidence of a certain disease ('cancer'), and get a rate ratio for each age group, how can I put the RR on a graph with agregroup on the vertical and disease rate on the horizontal? I am...
  2. A

    Graphing Effect Size Comparions

    Hi! I would like to take a single school's achievement data (as an effect size) and plot that on a scatterplot graph with the matched district and state level data as well on the same graph, so as to compare where the school of interest falls as compared to the district and state. What do I...
  3. T

    How Do I Create a line graph for a three-way interaction with a continuous variable?

    I ran a 2 (Time 1, Time 2) X 2 (Prime Type: Secure, Neutral), X (Prime Technique: Implicit, Explicit) X Covariate (Anxiety) Mixed-Subjects ANOVA examining the change in state psychopathy. I have a significant three-way interaction (Time by Type by Anxiety). Anxiety is a continuous variable...
  4. trinker

    Favorite condiments

    I felt the need to start a favorite condiments thread and maybe we could graph the results (using ggplot2 of course) showing our favorite condiments. We have to make this somewhat statistical so let's form it as an R list with various categories with vectors of likes in rank order. There now...
  5. S

    Customize x-axis in chart builder for line graph when variable is in "date" format

    I am attempting to customize the x-axis of a 5-year line graph to show all of the dates (not just January and July). However, when the mth/yr variable is in the "date" format, the chart builder does not allow me to customize the axis in this way. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  6. N

    Need Help Graphing Multiple Graphs into One Graph

    Hello, I am an undergraduate student in biology. I have not yet completed a statistics course but I do have basic familiarity with graphing in excel. Here is the problem: We did an experiment in lab and we are supposed to write up a lab report which includes graph. We are given the...