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    A statistical test to determine strength of correlation (or probability of certain outputs) over three timepoints

    Hello, New to this forum and bit of a stats newbie so forgive me for any if my question is too vague or I say anything incorrect. My dataset is ELISA outputs for 10 individuals over three timepoints with sample size. I want to see if the individuals remain in the same order over the 3...
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    Two-way ANOVA interpretation help

    Hi there! I need to write an essay for uni and I was asked to do a two-way ANOVA on a set of continuous data using graphpad prism 8. However, although I understand the principle behind a two-way ANOVA, I'm struggling to interpret the results that graphpad prism has given me. My guess is that...
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    Help with choosing the correct analysis method

    Hello, I have abit of a tricky question for you, but first some context. I carried out a study where students completed 2 sets of questions, and had a survey after each one. The first several questions of each survey are identical. What i wanted to measure is how well they did compared to how...