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    Gravity model

    Hi I am currently writing an assignment regarding a trade model using a gravity equation. The dependent variable in the model is Ln(X) and the non-dependent is both Ln (GDP, distance and so on) AND binary variables. So the question is: can I use SPSS for this kind of modelling or would...
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    Country inclusion in gravity model

    Hi! I will be using a gravity model for my master thesis (not an economics/statistics major) focusing on remittance flows within the EU. I am familiar with the gravity model but have a fairly basic question to which I have not found the answer through books or articles.. or at least I have...
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    Gravity model with fixed effects - controlling for the heterogeneity

    Hi Stata users, I'm quite new to Stata and econometric packages in general, so I'd like to get some hints on how to specify a gravity model for international trade between different countries. My panel consists of 133 countries over 19 years - thus we have 17556 combinations of importers (ci)...
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    Weird PQML coefficient values (compared to GLS/OLS output)

    Hi all, first and foremost, any help for my little issue here is much appreciated! I am currently writing my master thesis, where I'm analyzing common currency effects on trade flows. Therefore, I'm using the Gravity Model of Trade for it. After conducting a first OLS regression with rather...
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    Importer fixed effect and time fixed effect

    I am running a regression on gravity equation while one of the variable is very significant when importer effect applied but not significant at all when time fixed effect joined. This is very confusing to me because this is the first time i use fixed effect approach. Many Thanks!