1. Gnu

    How do I select a method of regression analysis - Allometry - Animal Growth - Gnu

    I am analysing the growth of the wildebeest or gnu. To do this I am comparing the changes in A: Body length (L), B: Girth (G) and C: Shoulder height (Sh) to Body mass (Mb). I have a sample of 42 animals, each measured once (after being culled). They range in body mass from foetuses of about...
  2. P

    malthusian growth statistics

    I've got populations consisting of a mix of two strains. I have the numbers of each strain at t=0hrs and t=24hrs. I have been trying to calculate the Malthusian growth parameter for each replicate. I am using the formula ln (Nf / N0) where Nf is the final number, and N0 is the starting...