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    MLE and vector generalized linear models

    Hello and thank you very much for your time I am working to simultaneously (multivariate) regress 'A' and 'B' parameters from matched observations of predictors (I have an 'A' and 'B' for each set of predictors and all are continuous random variables). The 'A' and 'B' parameters are...
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    Calculating effect size for generalized linear model?

    Hi, I have carried out a generalized linear model (in SPSS) with one dependent variable and two factors. Both factors have multiple categories (ie. one factor has three 'groups', the other four). I would like to calculate the effect size for each factor. I have found a lot of information...
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    GzLM for counts or ?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to run an appropriate comparison for clutch sizes of birds. Ultimately, I want to compare clutch size of the same species between 2 sites with 2 levels (good, poor). First I need to sort out if there were differences among years in each site to be able...