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    Need help with a simple formula i think?

    Anyone who can help, would be great please.... essentially, I have a very simple question that can be answered by most clever stats guru's, of which I am not one, so ever grateful and hoping I get a reply: I want to test/screen a population for lets say a an illness (any random illness will...
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    Need Help with developing general linear mixed model regression equation

    general linear mixed model regression equation I'll be moving this to another thread and don't want to create multiple versions. Thanks!
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    HELP me in choosing wich statistical analysis should I use?

    Hi all! I am trying to publish a scientific paper about a posibble correlation and link between varoius blood disorders and a specific laboratory parametar. There are 7 health disorders wich I tought should be grouped in 7 groups of 30 patients (beacuse of the statistical significance). The...
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    Healthcare applications

    I work in healthcare and I was wondering what sort of analytics/modeling projects members of this forum are doing. I guess it would be nice to see how other healthcare institutions are utilizing different tools to solve different problems. I for instance have just embarked on developing a...
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    Patient data - Choosing the Right Model

    Hello, I just finished up my first year as a statistics major and have been assigned a summer project from my employer at the hospital near my school. The aim of the project is to use data from 50 patients infected with a certain disease, create a data model based on this information and use...