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    Repeated measure mixed models HELP PLEASE!!

    Hi to everyone! I am new to the forum! Very briefly, my problem is as follows: I started a research on videogame exposure and morality. I used exposure to videogames as IV and a measure of morality as DV. The scale used to measure morality has a 5 sub-scales. In a first step of...
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    SPSS MSc Research

    Hi, My research partner and I are currently carrying out some quantitative research and are struggling to use SPSS as we a new to the program... We've completed a fairly large-scale questionaire and have successfully collected our 430 responses, from 1600 questionnaires distributed, and...
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    Need help with this tricky average problem

    The senior citizen rowing club team is made out of 10 members. In order to compete they need to have an average age of more than 55 years; the problem is that members do not want to reveal their age, neither to know the age of the others, nor the minimum or the maximum. They find a way to do it...
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    Help--A basic linear regression problem

    This equations are come from a text book. I want to know that why (I-H)Xβ disappeared in the last formula. Thanks a lot.
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    Probability without z-score?

    Estimate mean of male students on campus. Standard deviation of the heights of young men is about 2.8 inches. Suppose (unknown to you) the mean height of all male students is 70 inches. a) If you choose one student at random, what is the probability that he is between 69 and 71 inches tall...
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    i need help with this please!!!!

    Angus reid conducted a survey of adult canadians finding that over all 56% supported the legalization of marijuana. the percenatage of support was different among voters for the three major parties (in the table below). for instance 17% of people both supported legalization of marijuana and also...