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    Which test for hierarchical within-between design?

    Hi everyone, I'm about to design an experiment with one independent variable of three levels. However, two of the levels can be 'grouped together', and I'm quite unsure about if my experiment design makes sense, and even more important, which statistical test I can use for evaluation. For...
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    Constant not sig. in multiple regression - does it matter?

    I did a hierarchical multiple linear regression in SPSS with three predictor variables. All the variables have high F-values and are highly significant at each step of the model, but the constant is not significant (0.079) in the last step. Should I disregard all the results just because of...
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    Mixed Modelling for Longitudinal Research

    What does random intercept and random slope mean in terms of longitudinal research?
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    How to analyze repeated measures game data with changing difficulty levels?

    Participants: 19 children participated in the study. Children were grouped in groups G1 (N=8) and group G2 (N=11) based on their behaviors. A pre-assessment of children behavior in the classroom is done for both the groups G1 and G2 by their teacher in a form of questionnaire. Task: The...
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    Hierarchical regression for a complex model

    So I am testing my own model but it is more complex than I have dealt with before. I know I need hierarchical regression, and I'm using SPSS (I have no choice in programme, sorry), but I can't find a tutorial close enough to what I'm doing to be sure it's right. I have one IV (3 categories...
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    Over-simple Stats?

    Hi all, This should hopefully be a really simple question but I think I am confusing myself over a throwaway comment that someone made.... Say I have 20 mice undergoing two different treatments, so 10 mice in each group. From each mouse I take two muscle biopsies, same muscle different...
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    Improvement of predicitve power in logistic regression - when is it significant?

    I've posted this in another forum before but didn't get answers, so I try it here again I'm running a hierarchical logistic regression to find out if/how block 2 improves the predicted power in addition to block 1, so what I need is the value that is equal to ΔR2 in blockwise multiple...
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    Stepwise and Hierarchical regression - can these 2 be combined?

    Hi all, I have run both hierarchical and stepwise methods on my data with 34 IVs (categorized under 7 groups of variables), using SPSS. The hierarchical regression allows these 7 groups of variables to be entered in the order that I want, and the SPSS output shows a coefficient table which...
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    hierarchical regression output interpretation

    Hi everybody, I have a realy hard time interpreting hierarchical regression in general but I am reading a study now that really confuses me. Here is the output they present to you http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2946618/table/T4/#TFN8 in the text it says that "in step1 (child...
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    How do I apply the bonferroni correction in hierarchical regression?

    I am conducting a hierarchical multiple regression with 6 predictor variables (2 dichotomous, 1 continuous, 3 2-way interactions) entered over 4 steps. I know that I need to control for Type I error with so many predictors, and I'm thinking of using a Bonferroni correction. My question is: do I...
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    Dendrogram Not Working for Method: Wards, Measure: Cosine?

    I'm running an Hierarchical Cluster Analysis. When I run with Method: Wards, Measure: Euclidean, I get a beautiful dendrogram: The clusters with Method: Wards, Measure: Euclidean, are not nearly as useful as the clusters I get on this data using Method: Wards, Measure: Cosine. However...
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    HLM Questions

    I'm trying to get familiar with Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) for my thesis and have some questions. Please answer whatever you can! I have performance data for 1100 employees (Level 1) nested into 169 supervisors (Level 2). I want to see if certain characteristics of performance (e.g...
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    hierarchical random effects structure in GLIMMIX

    Hi All, I have a question about complicated random effects structures. Please bear with me. I am trying to construct a model in GLIMMIX that has a spatially hierarchical (i.e. nested), repeated measures random effects structure. The problem is how to correctly account for a random observer...