histogram comparison

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    How to compare population distribution?

    I have census data for three cities (i.e. population, not sample data). I am able to plot a histogram (discrete data) for population age for each of these cities. I want to run a statistical test to check if the difference between the three population distributions and their mean value are...
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    Geospatial best fit - Histogram against continous measured data?

    Hi, I have some remote sensing images from which I extracted the pixel values as histogramms: Pixel value respectively classes 1 - 255 example: Picture 1: NDVI Value-Count 1-3565 2-0 3-0 4-564 5-665 6-0 7-0 8-3 . . . 255-123 Picture 2: Near Infrared Value-Count...
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    Need help to interpret this histogram

    Hi! In above histogram I know 65% of samples have (0 - 3 minutes) service time or 21% of samples have (3 - 6 minutes) service time but I can not interpret connected points which are distinct with arrowhead! Could you please guide me to find out them? Thanks in advance. Omid
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    Normalized histograms show the same mean. Is this correct?

    I have to compare the features of histograms. All the histogram are normalized and with same number of bins. This results in the same mean value for all the histograms. But the variance and other moments are different for these histograms. Is this (histograms exhibiting same mean) correct?