1. K

    Interpreting HLM Results

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, but could sure use some help interpreting the results of a Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM) output. I'm trying to find out if bulk density of soil is different under natural forest, thinned forest, or existing open forest conditions on 3 types of soil (i.e., derived...
  2. kiton

    Seeking advice on 3-level HLM

    Hello! I am studying the association between product quality measured by expert intermediary (overallScore) and that measured by online user rating. In particular, I hypothesize that the aforementioned association is dependent on the longevity of product use. For instance, I would expect a...
  3. E

    Hierarchical linear model/ Regression Analysis

    Hello everyone, It may sound really basic for some of you, but, can I use a hierarchical linear model if my participants are students nested within classes in two different schools? The independent variable is only one (my therapeutic intervention), and my design has two groups (experimental...
  4. D

    HLM - non-linear IV and placement of individual characteristics in the model

    Hi all! I am working on my dissertation and run across a couple of questions when structuring HLM model. The data looks as follows: I conducted an experiment among 300 participants with 2x3 design, where each individual was assigned to one of the two conditions and within condition answered to...
  5. N

    HLM Multilevel Modeling - Deviance Statistic Disappeared with MI

    Hi Everyone, I am using HLM 7 for multilevel modeling. I recently started using the Multiple Imputation function in the program, which pools data from 10 datasets that you upload directly into the program. The models run but I can't get the program to give me deviance statistics for model...
  6. P

    HLM Longitudinal Analysis with 2 Time Points

    Does longitudinal HLM with only two time points differ radically from linear growth curve modeling? I know Raudenbush says you need 3 or more timepoints to test for a linear or other trend but one can still test for change over two time points.
  7. trinker

    Weaknesses in the assumptions misuses of HLM/multilevel modeling

    Hopefully the title says it. What do people see as potential/perceived weaknesses in the assumptions and/or misuses of HLM/multilevel modeling?
  8. F

    Multilevel Linear Modelling Help

    Hi, I'm hoping someone with expertise with MLM/HLM etc might be able to help me. I recently conducted a transmission chain study looking at the impact of mood on production. The study involved participants reading a story and reproducing this story for another person. The second person read...
  9. B

    Random Sampling in Mixed Models

    Hi, I have a data set that contains 40 firms over 15 years with firm and individual level data, with the individuals being sample randomly from each firm over 15 years. There are time invariant variables at the firm level and the panel design is unbalanced. How should I be looking to treat my...
  10. S

    Can I use group mean centered variables in an OLS regression?

    Hi everyone, I have a question about some analyses I'm working through. I originally ran the model as an HLM because of the nested structure of my data. However the ICC is very low and all significant variables in my HLM are also significant in OLS. My question is: can I can still use my...
  11. P

    Conducting longitudinal interaction analysis, using bootstrapping.

    In relation to my dissertation, I am looking for someone with the competences to perform interaction analysis in m plus on longitudinal data, with the use of bootstrapping and checking for potential level 2 clustering effects. I would offer authorship on the article and / or payment. If someone...
  12. M

    Clustered Standard Errors vs. Multilevel Logit Model--Which one to use

    I'm working on a project with 233 observations from school districts in 10 states. Observations vary from between 3 and 108 observations per state. I am not interested in the state effects. I am only interested in the district level effects (the district level is Level 1-- there is no data on...
  13. trinker

    Understanding multilevel modeling

    I'm trying to learn a bit more about multilevel modeling so I'm going to start this thread here and post questions about the process as I know there are several regulars here who use multilevel models frequently. I know the nmle package exists but I'm mostly trying to figure out how lme4 works...
  14. S

    HLM vs. SPSS GLM repeated-measures

    HLM 7.0 - Different p-values in HLM vs. SPSS GLM Repeated-measures My model is a 4-way interaction between 3 dichotomous dummy variables and a continuous variable, with 2 dummy variables at Level 1 (within-Ss) and 1 dummy and the continuous variable at Level 2 (between-Ss). I'm looking for...
  15. P

    HLM how do I insert control variables on level 1 and on level 2?

    Hi, I´m a beginner, so I´d be greatful for help. I use HLM 7: MY model: employees nested in organizations y= individual´s wellbeing x1/Control variable level 1= age x2/Control variable/predictor= subjective perception of climate level 2: W1(control)= firm size (continuos) w2...
  16. B

    HLM-Longitudinal Analysis: Moderation in level 2 variables?

    Hi, I am creating a growth model using HLM 7 where Level 1 is Occasion and Level 2 is Person. I am trying to see if I can test the moderation effect of one level 2 variable on another level 2 variable (does propensity for excitation (L2) moderate the effect of mood (L2) on arousal over...
  17. geotheory

    Comparing Mixed Model results with OLS regression

    Hi there. I'm an inexperienced an entirely self-taught statistician fighting a huge deadline. I'd be most grateful for advice! Background: I've been working on fitting an HLM model that explores the spatial relationships between crime and socio-economic factors such as deprivation scores...
  18. S

    Covariance Matrix in HLM? Or Deviance Calculations?

    Hello, I'm a grad student working on converting a mentor's dissertation into a publication. We are looking at treatment outcomes (psychological dysfunction using the OQ-45) in an eating disordered population using HLM (hierarchical linear modeling). The predictors are feedback group and various...
  19. trinker

    Guidance on HLM/multilevel modeling

    I've decided I need to know multilevel modeling; no way around it in educational research. I can't take the class at the U because it's offered bi yearly (missed it this last Fall). So I need to take it else where and/or learn it on my own. I'm hoping to rely on other people's experience here...
  20. A

    HLM Questions

    I'm trying to get familiar with Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) for my thesis and have some questions. Please answer whatever you can! I have performance data for 1100 employees (Level 1) nested into 169 supervisors (Level 2). I want to see if certain characteristics of performance (e.g...