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    Question regarding Repeated measures 3-way ANOVA for thesis

    Dear Readers, I am new to this forum and I have a question regarding my output/researchdata. I am currently analyzing my hypothesis with respect to masculinity preference for voices (masculinized voice/feminized voice) and mating strategy (short-term/long-term). My hypotheses is that(a)...
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    SPSS v. 23 testing

    We have rolled out the latest version of IBM SPSS Base that is version 23 as a remote desktop service and would like to hear about your user experience - especially accessing the software from MAC, iOS or Android. 30day free trial available for testing at...
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    IBM SPSS Modeler Sentinel Error

    Hello Good day! I hope someone could help me with the installation procedure on IBM SPSS Modeler version. We bought it last year, but because of constraints it is only being implemented this month. Currently, we have IBM SPSS Modeler Administration Console,, 17.0 installed...