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    dot in columns of csv function.

    I use this function for importing CSV files in excel. read.table("c:/data.csv",header=TRUE) X.Y.Z 1 1,7,13 2 2,8,14 3 3,9,15 4 4,10,16 5 5,11,17 6 6,12,18 I want to remove the dot from my column how I correct it.
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    import .csv file won't import variables corectly

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to import a .csv file into SPSS, which all works fine. Except when I finish and go to either variable view or data view, it doesn't seems to recognise my numeric variables. It only shows a period. Although in data view it does show the correct width and while...
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    Import fixed column data help

    Hi all, I am having trouble structuring my data so that I can import it into Stata using "infix". I cannot delimit my data as there are blanks that indicate missing values. At present my data looks something like this: ID Age Wealth 1 11 21 2 12 (blank) 3 13 23 Number...
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    Helo me to Importing flat file

    Hi i have a flat file around 100gb. it has 200 variables like company name, that. In company name i have fields like google,ibm,tcs like that. i want to import this flat file with a filter on company name i.e i want only google records to be loaded in sas dataset rather that import...
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    [M.I.M] How do i import from R dataframe

    i still learning about MIM graphical model, and i have basic problems is import data from R data frame, I tried to use .rds format, and then import it from MIM MIM->ImportRData D:\MIM\paper.rds MIM->Cont x; Label x "age" MIM->Cont y; Label y "height" MIM->Cont z; Label z "weight"...
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    How can one import data from spss into r?

    I am learning statistical computing using R. One problem I have is how to import data from SPSS into R. I have consulted the R manual on importing data from SPSS, and the advice is to use the function read.spss. I have used this and the response I got from the system was 'could not find function...