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    Variable importance in random forest

    Hi, In order to predict a binary target variable, I trained a random forest with 84 explanatory variables (using 10 variables randomly selected in each split) on a training set composed of 8,500 observations. For practical reasons, I had to test the performance of the algorithm on a test...
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    Importance of vars in linear regression (R)

    I have a question that is and R question and a statistical question: I am analysing sales of a retailer. These sales are related to some vars: var1, var2, var3.., varN Most of the vars are continuos. I want to analyze the relationship between sales and the vars. I have made a linear...
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    Linear or non-linear regression model

    Hi, I have 20 independent variables and 1 dependent. I've used the stepwise method to determined what predictors are more significant compared to other predictors and I ended up with 10 statistically significant predictors. However, I am not sure how check if a nonlinear multiple...