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    Statistical Design of Experiments: Impact of missing and/or changing experiments

    Hello, I am new to both this forum and the concept of statistical design so please, treat me like the novice I am! OK, so I am hoping to carry out experimentation on a material. I am testing five different physical parameters of 4 different materials, all of the factors are numerical (i.e...
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    I do not get the answers that i seek doing an anova in R on my data

    Dear Talkstats I have made a dataset where i have treated the same cells with two different drugs. I have stimulated them with different concentrations. All stimulations were done in three replicates (three different wells). I have done this on cells from nine donors. Thus my design look like...
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    Large datasets from txt files won't load completely, tried the suggested solutions!

    Dear all, I'm writing my thesis and use Stata 12SE to analyze news messages coded to a level of sentiment. However, I'm experiencing difficulties loading a whole dataset into Stata and can't figure out why. I've tried the following: The first dataset is the "2003" file. I've checked using...