independant groups

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    Chi - Square Test for test of independence of variables in different treatment groups

    Hello together, I have a question concerning my bachelor thesis. It is the first time I am actually doing statistical analysis on my own and so recommendations are very welcome. I work with a huge dataset of N=30000 with 10 randomized treatments group (variable „Treatment“ going from 0 to 9) and...
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    Test & Control File Selection - Help

    Hi all I hope all is great with everyone. I'm new on here so sorry to get straight down to my query and hope that someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you. So: I have a prospects direct mail file and I'm testing a new message, (One change). To ensure it’s the...
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    2 Independant Groups analysis HELP

    Hi, I'm conducting a study looking at the effects of hypnosis on performance anxiety and golf putting scores. I have 2 groups (Hypnosis and Control) and I will be testing their anxiety and putting scores before and after the hypnosis treatment. I have 2 DVs Putting score (or change in putting...