independant variable

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    Hypothesis test - 2 independent variables

    Gone through all my notes on this one and raked online but still quite stuck.. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Problem Customers spending on groceries follows a normal...
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    Probability of Vehicles and Pedestrians meeting

    Hi, I need to produce a probability for a vehicle and a pedestrian meeting along a 1km road. Here is what I know: •1km road •cars take 3 minutes to travel •pedestrians take 12 minutes to travel •30 cars an hour •20 pedestrians an hour The cars and pedestrians may also be grouped or evening...
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    multiple IVs or multiple levels?

    Hello I’m having trouble deciding if experiment has 4 levels or 3 IVs and 2 levels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also need help deciding what statistical analysis to use on SPSS so in my exp I used the same group of ppts who all watched a slide show. This slide show was testing...