independent measures

  1. R

    Urgent Help for Statistic

    I have a study to establish the factors that influence consumer satisfaction with different internet banking services. Part 1 is the demographic and Part 2 are the Customer Satisfaction and Attributes of Satisfaction which were measured using the 5 Point Likert Scale questionnaires. The...
  2. B

    Mixed Repeated Measures and Independent Measures One-Way ANOVA [SPSS]

    Hello, I am trying to determine the best way to carry out my one-way ANOVA in SPSS. I have three groups: Pre-Surgery, Post-Surgery, and Control. Technically, the Pre- and Post-Surgery groups are repeated measures but the comparison to the control would be independent. How would I go...
  3. TheEcologist

    [FAQ] What are independent / dependent variables?

    Variables A variable is an object, event, quantity, time period or basically something you are trying to measure. We can then further discriminate between two types of variables: independent and dependent. Independent variables An independent variable is exactly what it sounds like, it isn't...
  4. J

    [Statistical Assumptions] Do elite samples violate assumptions?

    If you have millions of dollars, please respond. Thanks for your attention & feedback.