independent sample t-test

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    Which ANOVA? Or series of independent samples t-tests?

    Hello everyone, I am looking at how native speakers (NS) and non-native speakers (NNS) use lexical repetition in argumentative essays. I would like to compare the mean frequency and density of lexical repetition between the two groups. And also examine whether a participant's use of lexical...
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    Running independent samples t-test with missing values in columns

    So I'm trying to run an independent samples t-test in SPSS with data acquired from qualtrics. Long story short, the survey/study was conducted using the between-subjects method. I'm trying to compare the response time of cursive typeface versus regular typeface regarding comprehension. The...
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    wilcoxon mann whitney or t-test with same results

    ut i've read you need to have 3 categories at least for this ?
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    t-test or any other form of statistical analysis?

    Hi, I am working on the below raw data and want to compare between control group vs various amino acid concentration level. I know, I can use T-Test to compare control vs each concentration level. Besides, the data is following normal distribution. The data is measured up to 10 days...
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    What kind of t-test would I use for this?

    One variable is injuries yes/no, the other variable is rating how much in control they felt (0=none,100=total). Basically if injuries causes low levels of perceived control. I have to use a t-test, but there are so many and I really don't know which one.
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    Conceptual Question about Independent/Matched Sample t Test Calculations

    I'm trying to better understand something conceptually, and was hoping if a few users might be able to explain it I could understand it better. For the calculations of a test statistics for an independent sample t test, the mean of sample 2 is subtracted from the mean of sample 1 (then 0 is...
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    Interpreting Independent Sample t-Test results

    Hello folks! I'm having a hard time understanding the output that SPSS gave me regarding my Independent Samples t-Test. Can anyone help me describe this output? I've attached the output for you.
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    paired sample t-test for repeated measures in 1 subject

    I am conducting a psychology experiment. In my pilot study I analyze responses of one subject which ran through two conditions. The task is to predict outcomes based on previous outcomes. On every trial the subject tries to predict the outcome as good as possible and learns to adapt the...
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    Quick SPSS testing question

    Hi, I have a data set with two questions: - whether one visits coffee chains or independent coffee stores - results are set within 1 (chains) and 2 (independent) --- (for which I have 106 for chains and 24 for independents equalling a total of 130 responses) - whether these locations have a...
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    Independent sample t test!

    Hi all! One basic question I hope you can answer. I would really appreciate it :D:D I have to columns of data. Both are daily returns (scale variable). The second column does not containt as many observations as column 1. e.g column 1 column 2 0,2%...