independent sample

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    What statistical tests to use? - advice please

    Hi all I am working on a project looking at ADHD in a large sample of adolescents. I am looking to investigate whether there are any differences between those in my sample who have previously had a diagnosis of ADHD and those who have not, on various ADHD rating scales. The rating scales...
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    Confused which test would help me

    Hello! I have a problem with defining what method I should use. I have two groups in my data file. One is control group, the other one was treated with drugs. Besides that all items (they're nerve cell) have two variable: length and width. I created a scatter plot placing length on the...
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    Hypothesis testing - which method to use?

    Hi everyone, I am taking a introductory Statistics course for my business program. I have been given a case to work with and I am completely confused about it. A little help would be great! I am not looking for exact answers per say, but just some guidance on which methods to use. Here is the...