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    Create Multidimensional Inequality Index

    I want to create an index to measure inequality in education. First of all, it would be necessary to identify the inequality within the 5 educational level. Therefore, I seperated 5 level to calculate index for each one of them. First, I will calculate the indicators and then the dimension index...
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    Correlation and Regression with variables Index

    Hello, I need to create an index for the Likert items within the scale I am using in order to run a Correlation and regression test in SPSS. How do I create the Index? Thank you in advance!
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    Different types of data - please help me!

    Hey guys, I am currently writing my thesis, and I need your help! I am researching the effect of functional diversity within project teams on their cooperation and performance. To measure diversity, I used Blau's index. This index ranges from 0 (totally homogeneous) to 1 (totally...
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    Creating index with a string

    So I want to create an index for activity level. We have the following variabeles (I translated a couple of things to english, tis originally in dutch): v18_1 I am a member of: Sportclub v18_2 Ik ben lid van een:Music school v18_3 Ik ben lid van een: Jeugdbeweging v18_4 Ik ben lid van...
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    Estimating returns per year by scaling them using the returns of an index

    Dear geniuses, I'm doing research on some return series covering different periods. My data consists of transactions and I can thus calculate the returns on individual transaction pairs. As I want to compare the returns per period, but most transactions overlap periods I would like to...
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    Creating an index- missing values

    Hi, I am creating an index variable which is basically three variables added together. However, I need to make sure each participant answered all three variables. How can I delete cases so that each person has a value for variable one, two and three? Many thanks, and hopefully when I am...
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    Generate variable that shows the question with the highest correct answers

    hi friends, I asked 25 questions in a test. q1 1=correct 0=incorrect q2 1=correct 0=incorrect So on, I would like to know which of the 25 question has the most correct responses. I could tab each variable and know the answer but is there a way to create a new variable with this info...
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    Biodiversity indices comparison between 3 sites-Which test is appropriate?

    Hi, i would appreciate some help on the following: I have to compare 3 different farming management systems (Organic, conventional, integrated) in terms of soil fauna (soil arthropod insects) I have calculated for each management system: Soil fauna's Total catches, mean abundance, Shannon's...
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    Determine if value is exceeded n times in a row

    Hello, I have a question that I'm not sure how to tackle. Suppose I have a time-series of length 12,000 and would like to know where in the time-series that a prescribed threshold value is exceeded, say, 10 times in a row. That is, for example, if the time series has y values that range...
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    simulation for probability

    I'm a brand new R user, and I have what is probably a very easy question. I ran a simulation to figure out a probability question. I'll show the code below, but I was wondering if anybody could tell me a more efficient way to do what I've done. The basic question is "If the correlation...
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    Multivariate Hotelling's T or univariate test?

    Hi, I am new to the board and tried to search for Hotelling's T but could not find an answer to my problem (the appropriate test statistic). I'm not sure if Hotelling's is the correct stat, or if one exists. Setup: I have two samples of different sizes, A and B, drawn from different...
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    [Matlab] - Getting Index

    I have an giant array (30000 x 9) and I want to know the exact location of a certain number. Is there anything like find function in matlab to do this without looping?