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    Statistical Indicators

    Could someone please tell me the indicators for: Prevalence of Poverty (for people living with less than x$ a month) and Depth of Poverty (meant percent shortfall relative to x$ per month). I'd appreciate the help. Thanks
  2. M

    Help: How to transform indicators to one dependent variable?

    Hi I am currently trying to transform 4 indicators from the world value survey to build one dependent variable to run regressions against. I am wondering if I am doing this correct, since I am a statistics beginner in SPSS? 1. Step one is that I have transformed old data and variables...
  3. B

    PCA on time series

    Hi, excuse my poor english... I need to reduce number of indicators (and to perform a PCA) on dataset: year ind(1) ind(2) ... ind(n) 2000 x(1,1) x(1,2) ... x(1,n) ..... 2010 x(11,1) x(11,2) ... x(11,n) x(i,j) are quantitative values about indicators like production, resources, ecc. How...