inferential statistics

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    What are the types of statistical tests/analysis which I can do here ?

    Dear All, I am writing my Master Thesis on the concept of 4-day work week...this is about how employees instead of working 5 days a only for 4 days a week...since the concept is relatively new..mine is an exploratory study... In this study there are three parts - Part 1 - I cover...
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    What tests to carry out when all variables are categorical?

    Hello to one and all, I am doing a Research Project for my Master degree course. One of my Research Questions in my Project is: How do employees in <”name of country”> perceive the concept of <”an upcoming concept related to how employees work”> ? I need to take a survey in order to answer the...
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    Which statistical tests should be performed?

    Hi, I did experiment to compare the effect
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    Sum of questionnaire score - ordinal vs interval? and choosing an inference test

    Hello there, I'm doing a module in research methods and we are required to analyse some data (provided to us) from a randomised control trial. I'm having some difficulty deciding on what stats analysis to do... Background: the primary outcome measure is the sum of scores from a 36 item...
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    Derivation of random variable for chi-square distribution.

    Hello all, In the chi-square distribution, how is the value of random variable derived. In the textbooks, the random variable is given directly as. 1st equation is for random variable, 2nd value is the test statistic used during inference of variance of a population. Source: Introduction to...
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    Deriving the form of the best size for exponential distribution

    Hi everyone So in this question I am told that a supermarket claims that the mean time to serve a customer is equal to 4 mins.However, a customer claims it is greater than 4 mins. I am asked based off a sample of n=9, determine the form of the best test of which has size of a=0.05 So I...
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    Statistical report

    Hi, I am a first-year business student that is taking a stats class. I have a report assignment with the requirement of an executive survey and certain purposes for the client, who owns a furniture shop. The objectives were: 1. Profile of customers-Age, gender, disposable income... 2...
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    [SPSS - T-Test] - understanding how to approach a question

    Hello, I have I inputted my data into SPSS. This is the question that I have been given: Compare the QABF attention(interval data)scores and demand(interval data) scores of people with a diagnosis of FXS and those with any diagnosis. Are people with FXS more likely to have lower...
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    Help with confirming what I can and cannot conclude from this regression output

    This study tried to determine the factors influencing the probability that voters would be asked to show ID in order to vote in a certain state during a certain election. (Model 1 identified Hispanics by self-identification and Model 2 identified Hispanics by whether they had an Hispanic...
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    comparing coefficient of variation for multiple samples

    I have three sets of data sets each 10 to 20 data points. I want to test if the coefficient of variation is the same across all the sets. Please suggest relevant methods. I came across papers by Cabras(2006) and Amiri(2010). One, they look at comparing only two samples and two, my knowledge...
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    Need design help...not sure how to analyze

    Hi, I am writing a proposal in which I am trying to implicitly activate a stereotype. Specifically, I want to see if professional sexy attire (not revealing...i.e., knee length pencil skirt, collared shirt, fitted blazer) will activate the "business woman" stereotype or the "sexy woman"...
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    help!! I have a test and none of this makes sense.

    Hello! I have an exam on inferential statistics, etc and need serious help.
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    Inferential statistics, calculating p

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I understand that if I had more time to study statistics from a basic enough waypoint, I could answer this question myself. However, as I work full-time and this project is due soon, I'm in need of a fast-track solution. I only need direction, not somebody to work the...
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    Have population, use inferential stats? Non-normal dependent variable, what to do?

    Statistics people! I have two questions for you. I am NOT a statistician so please be nice and answer simply :) Background: We are looking at parental leave in Iceland. We are particularly interested in whether the economic crisis and the resulting changes in parental leave legislation...
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    Weights in Inferential Tests?

    Hello, I've conducted a survey and noticed that males were under-represented. To "fix" this, I weighted sex to reflect the true proportions in the population. Can I run inferential tests such as regressions or chi-square, with weighted sex? Or is it better to remove the weights when...
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    Making statistical inference considerations

    May I ask what are the considerations in making statistical inference? I have the following ideas in my mind, but I am not sure what are really the necessary considerations: • random sample from the population of interest • performance of experiment in accordance with certain principles •...
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    maximum likelihood

    good day! below is a bonus question from my previous quiz in probability theory, and i just want to find know the solution for that problem.. please give a complete and detailed solution..thanks and God bless!!
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    Coefficient of variation in inferential statistics

    As part of an appraisal of an article ( and among other questions I have been asked to "explain the rationale for the following inferential statistical tests: paired and independent samples t-tests, coefficients of variation."...