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    Inter/Intra-class correlation between graders, large dataset

    I have a set of 100 images obtained from a machine called an OCT, its similar to an ultra-sound and I use it to take pictures of various skin cancers. The main goal is to give a diagnosis by looking at the OCT image. To do so, I pulled 8 ‘features’ that I can observe by OCT. Each feature or...
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    K Cohen interreader agreement formula

    Hello Is the formula to calculate the K Cohen the same for multiple categorical variables than for a 2x2 table ? Thank you
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    Inter-subject agreement re timings of (unequal number of) events

    Hi everyone, I am trying to figure out what would be the best statistic to use to quantify the amount of agreement that exists between subjects who were asked to press a button whenever they felt a certain emotion while listening to a short (2min) piece of music. Plotted as time series, the...
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    How to calculate inter-observer/ inter-rater reliability of ordinal data in R?

    Hello, I have the question which measurement to use in order to calculate the inter-observer reliability in R once for an ordinal and once for a nominal data set. Part1) Ordinal data set 2 observers gave scores on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0 with steps of 0.25 Example of data: observ1...