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    Centering IVs for checking interaction effects in regression analysis

    Attention: I have just skimmed an article (Echambadi, R. and Hess, J.d. (2007) Mean-Centering Does Not Alleviate Collinearity Problems in Moderated Multiple Regression Models, Marketing Science 26 (3), 438-445) which clearly states that the centering of the IVs does not impact the results of a...
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    Logistic Regression: Testing for interaction effects with many covariates

    Hello everyone! As topic states, I am running a logistic regression with quite a lot of independent variables (23). There are a lot more candidate variables but this is the best model I ended up with. I would like to know if there are any possible interaction/synergy effects among them, but...
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    how to do a contrast analysis for an interaction between two within subjects effects?

    Hello! I have a quite simple data pattern but find it hard to test a specific contrast I expected. I have 2 within subjects factors, each with two levels. Let's call them reward (high vs. low) and task pressure (high vs. low), while the dependent variable is performance (see the example GLM...
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    Interpreting main effects in long. mixed model when interactions w/ time are in model

    I am running a mixed effects longitudinal model with linear and quadratic time effects and a continuous outcome. I have a covariate that has a significant interaction with time-squared, so obviously the linear interaction and its main effect are left in the model. When interactions are in the...
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    Interaction NS but Main Effect becomes Significant?

    Hello, I have a quick question to anyone who might be able to help me! I am running a random-effects multilevel regression model, looking at the effect of Parental Investment scores on children's height. For various reasons, the investment scores have been coded into binary; High and Low. I...
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    measuring interaction effects

    I've spent months studying statistics texts, and I just cannot figure out how to do the following: I've got categories distinguished by some characteristic, say M vs. F, and then each of those categories has been assigned to one of two groups, say the treatment and the control group in an...
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    MANCOVA interaction question

    Hi, I have what is probably a simple (or self-explanatory question). I used a MANOVA with three DV's, two IV's and about 6 covariates. I found significant effects where I expected them, but I also expected to see a significant interaction between my two IVs. However, when I plot them, it LOOKS...
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    Polynomial interaction in a mixed-design ANOVA

    My analysis includes a between-group factors (condition [control vs. experimental]) and several within-subjects continuous factors (cholesterol, glucose, mass). The within-subjects factors were measured, for both groups, once a month over 5 months. I'm interested in seeing whether there was a...
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    Interpreting hree way interactions

    I'm trying to interpret two significant three-way interactions. I've used hierarchical regression to analyse my data, and I have come up with two significant three-way interactions. My DV is continuous. My IVs are continuous (AAA) and 3 categorical (BBB, CCC, and DDD). This is my model...
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    looking for interaction with logistic regression with dichotomous DV

    marginally significant regression, only interested in significant interaction Hi, I'm looking at my data for a 2x2 design with a dichotomous DV. Specifically, I want to know whether there's an interaction--I don't care about main effects. I ran a logistic regression in Stata (logit) with...
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    Significance of Simple Slopes in a 2-way interaction

    I have used simple slopes to test a two-way interaction in a regression model. However, I get 1-tailed and 2-tailes significance results. It is my understanding (based on some reading) that 1-tailed is used in this situation. But how does one decide that or even explain it? Please help me...
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    Can you have a significant 3 way interaction without a corresponding 2 way interactio

    Hi all, I have found a signficant 3 way interaction (X by Y by Z) using MANOVA, but do not have any significant 2 way interactions (X by Z -or- Y by Z) involving relevant factors; is this possible? If so, how? Thanks, Drew
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    testing for the change in correlation between 2 variables over a 3rd linear variable

    I have a hypothesis that the strength of correlation between two continuous variables will decrease with higher levels of a third variable. To give an applied example of the problem, looking at the correlation between mothers weight and their adult child's weight, I expect the correlation to...