1. J

    HELP my intercept becomes significant

    Hi all, I run 12 regressions on the bid premium in a Event Study. For the first 7 regressions, when adding the explanatory variables (after the control variables for the first regression), the constant or intercept stays insignificant and explains less after adding the variables. But from...
  2. R

    Predictive value of X for a change in Y?

    Hi everyone, R question: 10 participants underwent a weight loss programme, like so: mydata<,125,120,115,110,110,110,105,100,90,85,100,140,70,100,100,140,120, 220,190,90,100,120,60,90,110,130,110,120,140,NA,65,110,50,NA,90,120,NA,130,150,NA,60,NA,45...
  3. K

    Calculating Variance Explained by Effect: High Intercept Sum of Squares Problem

    Hi :) Context: I'm using G*Power to conduct a post hoc power analysis. The study design is a 2x2 Two-Way ANOVA. ANOVA was done in SPSS. Within G*Power, I'm using Protocol of power analyses -> F tests -> ANOVA: Fixed effects, special, main effects and interactions. Then to get the effect...
  4. F

    Interaction without principal effects

    Hi, my question is: is it possible that in one model all effects are interactions between variables and no principal effects are present? I mean: i've ran a logistic regression (using a node of regression in SAS EM); The output was: Intercept Gravidanze*Pedigree...
  5. K

    Help calculating standard error of intercept

    Hi all, I'm running an equally weighted moving average multiple regression with 10 explanatory variables, and I'm looking at the change in alpha (intercept) and betas over time, including change in statistical significance. Since I need to run many regressions (1000+), i'm using Excel and the...
  6. P

    Testing whether two related slopes/intercepts are different from each other

    Hi, I'm new and stuck. I want to see if the intercepts and slopes of two linear regression lines are significantly different. I thought I found the solution but now it looks like that might not work because the data is overlapping. Specifically: I have data for X, Y1, and Y2. I can find the...
  7. M

    How to save constant terms (_cons) as a new variable in STATA.

    Hello, I have an unbalanced panel data. I examine 850 mutual funds during the period of 2000-2013. I ran regressions to estimate performance by using Carhart 4 factor model. Specifically, I have used the Carhart alpha in the prior 12 months as a measure of risk-adjusted performance. Thus I...
  8. M

    how do I get the intercept in PLUM ordinal regression?

    I am running a ordinal regression model with spss plum. I would like SPSS to print me the intercept, but somehow I can't find the synax command for it. Anyone familiar with the problem? Thanks in advance!
  9. D

    Minitab Quadratic Regression Model- Specifying the y-Intercept

    Hello, I am using Minitab v16.1.1 to perform a general regression analysis, and I was wondering, is it possible to customize a quadratic regression model to have a specific non-zero value? I would like to set my model's y-intercept to 1. Originally I was fitting a model to my data in...
  10. B

    I dont know why finding an intercept is so hard

    Thanks in advance to whoever helps =)! I am trying to find the intercept for a linear regression with 10 observations. Given: Sxy=120 Sxx=42 Sum of x=50 Sum of y=100 I found the slope it is 2.857. I have looked at all the formulas and decided that the means are what I really need...