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    How to get the goodness-of-fit RSS in random-effects model?

    Good morning to the community Stata and to the statistics community :). I would like to perform an interpretation of an entire regression output concerning a random-effects model. But I don't know how to capture the information of the RSS [see the image below]. The information concerning the RSS...
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    Interpreting correlation split file data

    Hello, I ran a split file correlation with the race as a group. I am not sure how to interpret a section of this chart, particularly the last section which is labeled "9.00." Is that a summary? What does that mean? Thank you,
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    R Output Interpretation

    Hi all, First time poster and a novice with this stuff so please go easy! Although I would really appreciate some help. I have been given a model that looks at the relationship between two variables from 70s to 2014, it uses a deterministic time varying coefficient (DTVC) model weighted...
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    Partial Least Square Regression_Interpretation of Result_VIP_Model Equation_urgentpls

    Hello! I would like to ask your help about the interpretation of my results. So I am doing an analysis about which among the environmental predictors (X variables) are the most influential in the coral cover dostribution (Y). I was advised to use partial least regression with the type of data...
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    Redundancy Analysis - how to interpret the plot

    I'm reading a paper that uses a redundancy analysis but I don't know how to interpret the figure. It seems like such a basic thing that I should understand, but I'm having a hard time finding anything that answers my questions. - What do the axes mean? - What does it mean when arrows point...
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    Interpreting Panel data analysis

    Hi there, This is my first statistical question on this forum. I am busy with my thesis, so I think a couple more will follow in the coming months. I have some results from a panel data analysis. My outputs are in the attachment. I have a simple question on how I have to interpret these...
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    Survival analysis advice

    Hi, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around whether my data is censored or not, and interpreting the results of the (possibly inappropriate) model which I have selected to perform a regression. I have data recording incubation survival rates for 4 different penguin colonies, in two...
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    negative binomial regression coefficients and exp(b)

    Thank you so much anyone... I have the results of a negative binomial where the DV is the log count of meals obtained. I have continuous predictors and I have my DV back logged, i.e., exp(b) with CIs for easier interpretation in my paper. The thing is... I am not easily interpreting my exp(b)...