interquartile range

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    Median Fold Change and Interquartile Range. 2 non-normal non-paired groups.

    I have a query concerning data presentation using biological data. I would like to present the median fold change between a control and test group. So i have 8 values in each group - i would like to present: a) The median fold change (for this i will take the median of each group and then...
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    How to plot non-parametric data with multiple time points?

    Hello, I analyzed some physiologic data (blood electrolyte levels etc) which was fairly skewed, so I used Kruskal-Wallis to test for differences between groups. I originally plotted the mean and SD, but I learned that plotting the median is more suitable with skewed data. My question is...
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    Interpreting Range and Inter-quartile Range

    how do you compare and interpret two range and two inter-quartile range. for example for the range i have (5,4) and for the inter-quartile i have (1, 2).