interval (range)

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    Evaluate prediction results (intervals)

    We are doing a research. We have a dataset with 5 fact. For each fact we predicted an interval. Given the theoretical intervals, I want to evaluate the goodness we are fitting the theoretical results with our predictions.. Intervals represent the initial and final day of month for each fact...
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    Understanding and Calculating Credible Intervals

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding and calculating credible intervals. My goal is to understand confidence intervals vs. credible intervals. From what I understand, the credible interval is a range of values (parameter?) that is fixed (not really) based on the prior probability...
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    Normal Curve & Standard deviation HELP!

    This is my homework question and in my right brained mind can not or the life of me think any further. My only hope is that someone out there in the universe can help my melted brain: Pick a continuous variable (that is, interval or ratio in scale of measurement) that is normally distributed...