1. S

    New to forum

    Hello everyone iam sre999 from India intrested in learning statistics and probability, intrested in applying concepts for solving future problems related to economics, maths and statistics.
  2. E


    Hello all, I live in Australia and work as a data analyst for Queensland Health but, to be fair, given the scope of what I do I wouldn't really call myself an analyst. I basically extract data and then prepare graphs around it, providing very rudimentary descriptive statistics: counts...
  3. T

    New here and completely lost :/

    Hello everyone! I’m a newbie here and to be honest in desperation googled “psychology statistics forum” thinking no way I’d find one and low and behold there this site was! Bit of background: I’m finishing the last module of my second degree in psychology. I’m hoping to do my doctorate...
  4. K


    Hi friends, This is Kapil Aggarwal. I have 8 years of work-ex in capital markets, trading and quant finance & have keen interest in domain of probability and statistics. However, I have much to learn compared to the experts on this forum. Look forward to get guidance & help and making friends...
  5. Psycho_Coder

    New to TS : Psycho_Coder

    Hello Reader, I would like to introduce myself before the community. Name : Animesh Shaw ( a.k.a. Psycho_Coder on different forums ) Country I live in : India. Work : An undergraduate Computer Science student and Upcoming Graduation in 2015. Programming Languages : Java, Python. Other...
  6. konradz

    Hi all

    Hi, I just joined this forum, I'm interested in the use of small area estimates in local governance. Regards, Konrad
  7. P

    Hi everyone

    Hi, My name is Patrick and I am currently writing my master thesis on antecedents of brand love. I´m studying marketing in Nijmegen, a small but wonderful city in the Netherlands nearby the German boarder. During data analyses I encountered some strange things, and after a search on some...