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    Jacabi Matrix of nonlinear regression model with more rows as observations

    I am wondering why the Jacobi matrix from my model estimated by matlab has three times more rows, as there are observations. I have estimated the nonlinear regression model in the added file by the following command in Matlab: options=optimset('MaxFunEvals', 10000, 'MaxIter', 10000, 'TolFun'...
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    Gamma Density and Jacobians

    I've got another doozy. Let fX (x) and fY (y) be Gamma density functions with parameters (α1, λ) and (α2, λ) respectively. Find the distributions of U = X + Y and V = X/(X+Y) . (Requires transformations and Jacobians, Let x = g(u,v) and y = h(u,v) be differentiable.) Then the Jacobian is...