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    JMP and estimates of values below the limit of detection

    Hej all. I am new here and unfortunatelly also new in statistic (and JMP). As my project for master thesis I am working with one data set, environmental data set. I have some less than values and I have to replace them with something. I did not want to take the easiest way and take...
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    Non-parametric repeated measures guidance needed

    What I am studdying is Aspergillosis (a disease) -it is caused by the terrestrial soil fungus called Aspergillus sydowii - of the sea fan Gorgonia ventalina. What I know so far: 1) My data is non-parametric....Residuals are not normally distributed and transformations do not help. 2)...
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    4 simultaneous non-independent measures – should nested ANOVA work?

    Hi all, this is my first time posting here, but I’m very stuck. I have to analyze data from an animal behavior experiment. I have 3 strains, with 20 trials each. In each trial, a group of animals is given a choice of 4 pieces of food: 2 high-nutrient and 2-low nutrient. Within each food type...
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    JMP - One Way ANOVA with unequal sample size

    why pooled Std err is bigger than the mean value of a group, when the sample size of three groups used in the analysis are different. Thanks.