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    Clustering univariate measures

    Hello, I'd like some guidance, since I don't know exactly what statistic would be more adequate in my case. I have a dataset that includes several categories and only one relevant numerical variable, and each category is repeated and has several measurements. I have around 1500 data points...
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    K-means cluster for skewed dataset

    Hi, I've 7 columns(variables) and their percentiles are shown as below for 14K rows. I've tried to create k-means clusters for 14k observations of 7 variables. A-G are products the numerics are turnover for A-G If you look at the table, massive dataset is having no turnover for all...
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    Help with clustering based on shopping category transaction freq

    hey there. Just wondering if anyone could lend their expertise on cluster analysis. Basically I am trying to see if I can find 5-10 customer segments based on shopping habits. I have a table (single customer view) of 10,000 randomly selected customers along with a column for each category...