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    Create 2 files: 1 with values only, 1 with labels only

    I have a set of survey data that I'm trying to import into another program. The .sav file has a combination of text and values (values have value labels). Here's what i need: 1 file with VALUES only as data 1 file with TEXT only as data What is the most efficient way to do this? Thank you
  2. L

    Trying to order a histogram/barchart by factor number but using factor name as labels

    I have data on mushroom edibility that looks like this: SpeciesName Edibility EdibilityRank abruptibulbus Good 3 arvensis Choice 1 bisporus Good 3 bitorquis Choice 1 campestris Choice 1 diminutivus...
  3. M

    Combining value labels without changing actual numeric responses

    I have responses from 1-8 where respondents were asked to rank a set of indicators. I want to combine value labels such that 1,2=High 3,4,5=Medium 6,7,8=Low. However, I do not want to alter individual's responses in the data view. I saw a previous suggestion for using the Transform function to...
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    Boxplots: Display variable "name" instead of case numbers?

    Hi everyone, I am still new to SPSS and slowly getting to grips with it. At the moment, I am trying to create box-plots to visually identify extreme values in my distribution. I have managed to get the box-plots how I want them, except for one detail: It is currently identifying the extreme...
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    Combine two variables into new variable with labels

    Hi, I got two variables that I want to combine into a new variable with labels. As an example two variables and their values: colorCode colorName 2953 black&blue 5432 green&red New variable colorWithLabel 2953 (label:black&blue) 5432...
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    Winbugs - Labelling Parameters

    Hi, I am quite new to Winbugs and I'm using this software to model football data. I managed to get the estimated attacking and defence parameters for each team in the English Premier League. e.g. a[1] 0.305 is the attacking parameter of the 1st team in ascending order which in our case is...
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    Variable labels in Proc Mixed

    I am analysing multiple variables var1 - var10 which have labels. They are named as such so that running a do loop is easy in a Macro. When running Proc GLM it displays both the variable name and the label in the output by default. When running proc mixed only the variable name is displayed. How...
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    Retaining X axis labels when combining lattice graphs

    I am attempting to create a plot that includes boxplots demonstrating the response of a variable (a0) to changes in two factors (Habitat Aamount, and Number of Patches) as two vertical panels (data set pasted at end and included as attachment). I am able to combine the two plots using the...
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    Creating histogram within variables - labels

    Hey guys. I have a dataset with 6 different job categories and a simple yes/no-answer to a question. My data is coded in two variables; job-type and yes/no. That means, that I've labeled 1,2,3,4,5,6 in Job-types with job names and 1 and 2 in answer variable to yes/no. What I don't know is...