1. R

    Probit Marginal Effects output for Latex

    I am computing probit marginal effects from R mfx package. I want to generate Latex code for the marginal effects output. I tried stargazer package for OLS and probit coefficients, it works fine for both, however for probit marginal effects (by using probitmfx command) it doesn't work. Please...
  2. N


    Does anyone know a software to convert LaTex to Word? I've converted a paper with equations from LaTex to PDF but I know need to convert the PDF to Word, all while keep the equations intact.
  3. T

    R to latex

    I've recently learned to output R figures and tables as latex code that I can then easily call into a document. Given the popularity of things like the r package knitr out there on the web, I'm curious if people here who write statistical documents, including slides, are users of the various...
  4. trinker

    latex cv

    I'm looking to convert my cv to latex. Does anyone have any suggest templates they use that are pretty nifty?
  5. Dason

    [LaTeX] - What is your favorite LaTeX editor?

    I've been doing some heavy LaTeX editing recently after a period of relative downtime with respect to LaTeX. I also just reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 so I decided to give a few different editors a try. I thought I'd solicit the fine community here for your opinions on the best latex editor around...