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    Set up labels of stacked bar charts created with lattice

    I already asked about this on, but no one answered yet. Some time ago I solved to put labels as percentages in stacked bar charts created with the likert function from the HH package, that uses lattice. My data was answers to a Likert-type scale with an even number of levels...
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    Retaining X axis labels when combining lattice graphs

    I am attempting to create a plot that includes boxplots demonstrating the response of a variable (a0) to changes in two factors (Habitat Aamount, and Number of Patches) as two vertical panels (data set pasted at end and included as attachment). I am able to combine the two plots using the...
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    Trouble with bargraph in figure mixing basic and trellis plots

    I am creating a multi-plot figure with a scatter plot at the top of the page and a bar chart on the lower part. The bar chart shows the frequecies of Types 1, 2 and 3 at various times. Each bar is of height = 1, subsections of bars proportional to the frequency, and each bar located at the...