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    multidimensional scaling (with clusters)

    I am writing my bachelor's thesis which was based on a study by Buma, Bakker and Oudejans (2014). Unfortunately I just realised that I misinterpreted the way the had done their analysis so I am back to square one, therefore your help will be most appreciated! I have 8 paricipants which...
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    Interpreting (negative) LDA classifier scores

    Hi, I performed an LDA in R using the lda() function. To my knowledge, this implements the LDA by Rao, 1948. From the results I derived the classification functions (not the discriminant functions) for each class of the model. My data is pretty fuzzy and I'd rather perform a fuzzy than a...
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    Linear Discriminant Analysis - Sample size requirements

    As general question, Are 70 observations sufficient to design a reliable decision rule for discriminating between two groups, with a Fisher linear discriminant function?
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    urgent!!Fisher LDA

    Please do have a look at the question, I dont understand this question ..please do let me know thw way to solve it!many thanks!!