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    NLS with real data

    I have data that has length, age and density (counts) and i am trying to model this data to see if density at birth has an influence on length. Since my response variable reaches a plateau i know i will need a non linear model. Can anyone help me with how to go about fitting a non linear model...
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    Length of a numeric variable---already imported

    Hi, I imported an excel file into SAS 9.3. One of my variables is INCOME. Running a proc freq, my income is listed out of order, according to the first number, so for instance, here is an example of my output (attached): Do I need to re-import the excel datasheet with some kind of...
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    voiding data set merging problems when by-variable has different lengths.

    When merging 2 tables on a common by-variable you run the risk of having a different length on this (or these) by variable(s). If this is the case, SAS will casually inform you with the following warning: WARNING: Multiple lengths were specified for the BY variable mergevar by input data...