level of measurement

  1. H

    Is this an interval variable?

    The variable is called "externalizing behaviours" and it has the numbers 9,7,7,3,11,6,2,6,6,9. I assume that the numbers show the amount of externalizing behaviour because the question says it was an observation. Is this interval/ratio? I think it is interval (rather than ordinal) because 7 is...
  2. B

    Help with the level of measurement for correct/incorrect answers

    Please, help bring in some lucidity and fill in any possible gaps in my reasoning. The research assessed the participants' recall of a narrative story. One day after the presentation of the narrative, the participants were given the memory test. Their answers to some of the questions are then...
  3. LycianSage

    Continuous or Discrete: Likert-type Time

    Hi! Sorry for asking a very basic question. I'm not good at stats and can't reach someone who knows. I searched the net with many different keywords but failed to find any answers. So, Are these variables Discrete or Continuous? 1. Approximately how long have you had your MySpace...