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    How can I analyse a likert scale with only one sample? Any help would be appreciate:)

    I have a likert scale (1-5) and one sample (young females). I am investigating whether they find a particular trait in a male attractive. What test could I use to analyse this? If anyone could help (and answer as simply as possible) I would be so, so thankful. Many thanks
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    How can I analyse this likert scale? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Hi there, I am creating a 20 question questionnaire for my dissertation at university. It is a likert scale questionnaire and I will be using a sample (just one sample) of 100 women (young women, aged around 20-28). I will be asking them whether they like a certain personality trait in a...
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    Convert a 7 point Likert scale to a 100 point scale

    Hi, I will appreciate if someone could tell me how to convert a 1-7 point likert scale to a 1-100 scale in SPSS. I quess that I have to use a transform tool, but I don't know which and what to do. Best regards Mette
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    T-test vs nonparametric for likert scale (very small sample size)

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of completing my masters thesis, and while I did my share of psych stats in my undergrad it's been YEARS and I'm a lil rusty! Any advice or help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated, and you may even get a mention in my thesis acknowledgement...
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    Estimating Covariate Effects on Likert-Scale Response Data

    I am working on a problem where we elicit medical residents perceptions regarding the importance of specific core medical competencies (professionalism, collaboration, medical expertise, etc.) on a 5 point Likert scale. For example, "In your current residency role how important is...
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    Calculating Item Discrimination Index for a Likert Questionnaire

    I am currently in the early stages of developing a scale that measures prejudicial attitudes. I have just run a pilot study with the first draft of the questionnaire, and I am now in the process of trying to narrow it down to a smaller number of questions. Right now, I am trying to do item...
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    Assumptions MWU-Test

    Hi, I just don’t know how to go on with my research at the moment, I haven’t found answers to my questions in any forums or papers, so it would be really great if someone here could help me with that: I have 2 samples, which I got by conducting a 5-point Likert scale survey. I have 9...
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    Defining Variables for Survey in SPSS

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can be of assistance, I have a survey which I want to enter in to SPSS but I'm not too sure how to go about representing a particular question. The issue I have come up against is when defining the variables, standard categorical variables are fine but I'm not sure...
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    Comparing two sets of Likert-scale data

    I have used a questionnaire which contain 5 point Likert-scale questions. What statistical test can I use to find out if there is a difference between the two sets of data collected in country 1 and country 2?
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    Likert Type Questionnaire Analysis.

    Hi everyone, any help you can offer me with my stats would be so greatly appreciated! Everytime i think i've worked it out, i end up confusing myself even more! Okay, my research is looking into whether perceptions differ both between male or female offenders across how they are related to...
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    Use Likert scale mean to calculate a ranking of several answers?

    Hello again, As my last question was very successfully answered, which I am very thankful for, I do it again :) I have 6 Likert type questions (very important - not important at all). I know that it is not recommended to interpret the mean. But what I want to do is, I want to rank...
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    Chi Square, Likert Scale, and Within Group - reasoning

    I am hoping some really smart folks can answer this question for me and provide some sage and learned advice to help me finish the last piece of my PhD dissertation research. Background: I have completed a data study, using a Likert Scale (1-5), on importance of an element within an...
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    SEM: combining binary & ordinal variables

    In my research I surveyed participants after they had used a website. I have 28 items which related 8 different concepts. Which means I have 8 latent variables with 3-6 observed variables each. All items are measured with 7-point likert scales. Additionally I have a binary variable of whether...
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    Survey Question with 4 Point Likert Scale and Yes/No Question

    Thank you for taking the time out to view my problem. My survey is based on observations and interviews. The observation questions are yes/no type questions and interview questions are 4 points. 1 = never, 2 = sometimes, 3 = usually, and 4 = always. Yes = 1, No = 0. If I add up all these with...
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    Likert Scale, basic tests

    Hello I have collected data using a questionnaire for the following a) Role played by a person b) years of experience c) type of work done Variable type is taken as nominal I have also collected data for 5 groups, with 5 questions within each group, using a Likert scale (Strongly...
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    Scatterplot Question

    Hello, I have designed two Likert scales to assess the purchase likelihood of a brand with a certain attribute and the second one to assess the attitude towards this attribute (both are 7-point scales). I based my questionnaire on the theory of planned behaviour which says that attitude is...
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    How to Convert a 5-Point Likert Scale into a 7-Point Likert Scale?

    Good afternoon, First, if I have missed this being posted before, I apologize, but I could not find it. I am having a bit of a nightmare due to a mistake I made on my survey for my dissertation. I used various questions involving a Likert scale, but used both 5-point scales and 7-point...
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    Which SPSS statistical analysis to use to compare the results from two Likert scales?

    Hello, I have designed two Likert scales based on the theory of planned behaviour which argues that the purchase likelihood of a product results from the attitude towards an abstract attribute of such product. So a positive attitude should be tranlasted into high purchase intention and a...
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    Chi Square Test For Independence with Likert Scale

    Hello, I would like to do a Chi square test for independence with a Likert scale to see if there are any associations in gender and education level with regards to ethical consumption. Each question of my likert scale has 5 categories (definitely wouldn't buy it, wouldn't buy it, might buy...
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    Question of Scales: which is better a 5, 7, 10, or 100?

    Question When conducting evaluations would using a 100 point scale be better than a 5, 7 or even 10 point scale? Background At the institution I am working at we are looking over student evaluations of instructors, the scales are based on 1-5, 5 being the best, 1 the worst. There are 5...