linear mixed effect model

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    Multilevel modeling with small N and large number of observations

    I'd like some general help figuring out which statistical approaches might be useful for my current situation. I'm working with: A sample of 9 subjects; id A 'time' variable (measured in seconds [0...~15000]) consisting of about 15,000 observations per subject; time A continuous dependent...
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    lmer set-up (t-test with covariate?) ?

    I have 139 subjects (ID), with measurements taken at two time points (Time1, Time2), at 148 brain regions, a dependent measure called volume, and a covariate called thickness. Each subject has 148 brain regions with volume and thickness measured twice I am trying to find out if there is a...
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    Linear mixed effect model in priming experiment

    we conducted a priming experiment. subjects and items are randomly chosen, so we need to have by-item and by-subject analysis. In the experiment, we’d examine how our factors of interest (status, gender, lexicalstatus) affect participants’ response (accuracy, reaction time). We would examine the...