linear modelling

  1. R

    How to use a pre-trained model to predict on new data

    I am trying to look for examples where a pre trained model on one kind of dataset can be used to predict a new kind dataset and I would like to explored methods that do not use deep learning. I understand that it is possible to use a pre-trained model as an input for a new model but I am not...
  2. S

    lmer set-up (t-test with covariate?) ?

    I have 139 subjects (ID), with measurements taken at two time points (Time1, Time2), at 148 brain regions, a dependent measure called volume, and a covariate called thickness. Each subject has 148 brain regions with volume and thickness measured twice I am trying to find out if there is a...
  3. A

    GLM output

    I am conducting a series of GLMs in order to find the minimum adequate model, the largest model in which all factors are significant. In some of my models all factors are significant, except for the intercept... what does this mean?? thanks andy