loading package

  1. gianmarco

    issue in installing my own R package (possible problem with one of its dependencies)

    Hello, I have just found out that I cannot install my R package, which sits on GiHub. library(devtools) install_github("gianmarcoalberti/CAinterprTools@v0.17") When I try to install it, at first it seems that all is ok, and the various dependencies are loaded; then the procedure gets stuck and...
  2. H

    Car package in R is not loading (it simply blocks R)

    So, I have installed the CAR package in R (with the dependencies) and when I try to load it, it simply blocks the program, it cannot be loaded. I have waited minutes after minutes hoping it will load, but nothing. Moreover, I have to use the Ctrl/Alt/Delete command to end the R Studio...