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    Is only 1 item in 1 factor possible (factor analysis)

    I have three factors, of which factor 1 and 2 have several items loading on them. However, factor three has only 1 item. Is this possible or is it better to rerun the analysis and choose for only 2 factors??? In that case 2 items would not be present in any factor. I hope someone can help...
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    difficulty loading an ado file - please help

    Dear TalkStats/Stata, I am using STATA version 12.1 IC. I am trying to use a program defined in a third-party ado file (downloaded from here: www.worldbank.org/analyzinghealthequity direct...
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    Principal Component Analysis: What determines sign of variable loading?

    Hi, I have a question about how the signs of variable loadings on a component (factor) are determined in the PCA. I am studying anxiety/fear response in animals. I tested a group of animals by showing a negative stimulus and measuring their behavioural responses to the stimulus. The...
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    Factor Analysis: How many times to drop/repeat?

    In running factor analysis, all of the descriptions I've seen say to drop the variables without adequate loadings and re-run the analysis. Should this only be done once, or do I repeat the process until all of the variables load on a factor? Thanks!