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    How to differentiate between a global and a local method?

    Hello, I am trying to write a report based on prediction models and my topic requires me to cover one global method(regression for example) and a local method( nearest neighbour for example). I do not quite understand the term global and local in this context. Some help to explain these terms...
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    Local polynomial regression

    Hi, I have "smoothed" rather than using a linear line between X and Y. My R code is the following : # Loess model plot(Y ~ X) loess.model <- loess(Dataset$Y ~ Dataset$X) loess.model hat <- predict(loess.model) lines(Dataset$X[order(Dataset$X)], hat[order(Dataset$X)], col="red")...
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    R package example - loading CSV file

    Hello, I'm new to R so am hoping that this is a trivial question. I am creating an R package, pkge, and in the man/ subdirectory I have a documentation file, pkge.Rd. In this file there is an example (\examples{...}) script. This script needs to be able to load the content of a sample CSV...