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    When Log10 is not sufficient to achieve normal distribution...

    I've examined numberious ways to get my positive skewed data to conform statistically via Shapiro-Wilkes to no avail - Log10 appears to visually suggest it approximates normally distributed data but the test results (000) say otherwise. I've already deleted outliers beyond 2.5 std dev. Thoughts?
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    Case control, lot of parameters, N and n-Normal dist. Which test and data expression?

    Firstly, my english are not so good, sorry. I will be very happy if someone help me. I am doing a case-control study, people with and without schistosomiasis. How may I perform the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, my groups must be together or not? I think that they must stay together. Then, I...
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    interpreting, reporting t-test and multiple regression using log-transformed variable

    Dear all I wonder if anyone can help with this question. I have to log-transformed (log 10) a number of my variables (skewed distributions). My question is, how do I report the statistical test? e.g. if I perform a t-test, do I need to back-transform my means and SD and the t-statistics? If...