1. W

    R^2 vs. significance of the the variables

    Hello community :) I am currently working with paneldata to see if there is correlation between sustainability and performancce in the energy and materials sector of the S&P500. I ran the regression twice, one with the logarithm of MarketValue (=MarketValue.WINS.LOG) and one without...
  2. K

    How family=Poisson works in glm function in R?

    Let's assume I am working with this dataset on R: n <- 40 x1 <- rnorm(n, mean=3, sd=1) x2 <- rnorm(n, mean=4, sd=1.25) y <- 2*x1 + 3*x2 + rnorm(n, mean=2, sd=1) mydata <- data.frame(x1, x2, y) I cannot understand how Poisson regression works in R, I would assume that the following are...
  3. C

    Converting exposure values with log for weighted average method

    Hello, I have a couple of transaction types with different risk scores in a scale between 0 to 10 [0-10]: Trans_type_1_risk = 8 and Number_of_trans_type_1 = 1.000.000 (~0.04% of Total_nbr_of_transactions) Trans_type_2_risk = 4 and Number_of_trans_type_2 = (~40% of...
  4. D

    Interpretation of FE model

    HI :) Could you help me with interpretation of my FE model? I had been using DIFF(LOG(GDPpc)) as my dependent variable (because it was nonstationary) and I did no transformation to my independent variables, though two of them are lagged. How can I describe the relationship between dependent...
  5. MJ.Maiwald

    Convert data by LN or not?

    Hello dear statistic community members! I was about to run a single-species single-season occupancy model on habitat variables for my tropical mammal data in R. One of my statistic mentors told me I might need to convert my data on distance to road and distance to rivers by using LN or Log10. It...
  6. S

    Help with interpreting log in regression

    Good morning, I am new to this forum and would like some help with the interpretation of the following regression. I hope I am in the right place. lnWaste = +A(lnGDP) +B(lnGDP)2 I have found coefficients for lnGDP= -1.85 and for (lnGDP)2=0.1 Now I am trying to give an interpretation of what...
  7. P

    How to interpret Standardized Coeff Beta when DV (in %) is transformed using log feature?

    Hello everyone, I am analyzing the influence of some stores attributes (e.g., quality, price, in-store service, communication ...) on customer loyalty (more precisely share of wallet = how much a customer allocates to a specific store in %: 0-100). I transformed the dependent variables (share...
  8. H

    Log-transforming Only the Dependent Variable

    For the regression: ln(gestation) = 5.28 + 0.0104×Birthweight For the birthweight and gestation data, Minitab tells us that coefficient of birthweight(b1) = 0.01041. minitab output: and therefore: exp(b1)=exp(0.010410)=1.01 The result tells us that the predicted median gestation changes by...
  9. T

    Need help with logarithmic equation

    Hi, I have some time pressure to complete this equation and find x. Any help is hugely appreciated. Picture attached.
  10. K

    Elasticity from linear and log-log regression model

    I am having problem understanding the calculation of elasticity. if I am using the log-log model eg: log(Y)=constant+β1 log(X1)+β2 log(X2) . So i would get the elasticity as β1 and β2 . If I am using the same data and find the linear model without using log for example Y=constant + β1X1+β2X2 ...
  11. T

    Basic high school correlation coefficient help

    Question + info: http://i.imgur.com/iyBWi2i.png In question 3, the correlation coefficient I get is the exact same as in question 2... Therefore no improvement at all, what gives? For question 3, I just calculated sale price/sq foot and then took natural log (ln) for each value. So...
  12. E

    Computer game log normally distributed

    I'm playing a computer game and I want to boost the high score. I assume that attempts are independent (say, you do not improve by playing), and in each game my achieved points are lognormally distributed with mean 500 and variance 1’000’000. How often do I have to play so that your high score...
  13. F

    Log transformation of means

    Hey! I'm working on a meta-analysis and I want to use the means for moderator analysis. So some journal articles report log transformed values of the mean. In order to be able to conduct the moderator analysis, I need to retransform the logs. Two questions here: 1) Sometimes studies do...
  14. L

    logistic regression+test of hypothesis

    Hello guys! I need your advice. I have done a logistic regression to estimate a probability of impaiment occurs or not. My indep.variables were different factors that can inflduence dep.variable. The data is taken from the stock exchange so it is not normally distributed. I got results...
  15. I

    Problem log(0) practical solution?

    Hello everyone, I want to model the association of a score (range 0-125) and age with an exponential approach because my scatterplot show an exponential progression. My approach is: I do log(score) -> do a linear regression with age as covariate -> do exp(regression coefficients)...
  16. R

    Normalizing a Skewed Distribution; using Excel and Carlberg book

    From the book Statistical Analysis, Microsoft Excel 2010 by Conrad Carlberg, page 23: In general, you can use Excel's SQRT() and LOG() functions to normalize a negatively skewed distribution, and an exponentiation operator, for example,, =A2<sup>2 to square the value in A2, to help normalize...
  17. M

    Stata output to Excel

    Is there a way to export Stata outputs into Excel? For example, log using Demo, replace text But instead of exporting the output in a text file, export it in Excel? Thank you, Marvin
  18. A

    Plz help...LOG transformation of Ratio in Percentage Independent variable

    Hi, In my regression I have used a ratio term (in %) as the independent variable. That value ranges from 0.0001% to 99.95%. Can I take the log of this variable to normalize the variable. Plz help. Thanks in advance
  19. F

    Comparing ln(y) =bX vs. OLS and other count data models

    My data is a balanced panel. 12 years X 600 ids/year X 12 months = 864,000 observations. For about 150 of my 600 ids, at a certain point in this 12 year period a treatment is applied switching them to the "treated" or "on" state. A dummy variable AFTER indicates when this is true. My...
  20. B

    Normalization of samples and fold change calculation

    Hi, I have 4 samples of read counts and i want to compare these samples to see different patterns. These samples are not standardized, so i have calculated the z-scores for each sample. I am not sure how i can compare them using this information and also to calculate fold change. Anyone who...