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    Pearson's Partial Correlation - Transforming one non-normally distributed variable

    Hi all, I would be really grateful if someone could advise me on an issue I am having. I am carrying out research looking at the relationship between the neural metrics of decision-making and accuracy on the decision-making task and I want to partial out the effect of group (control versus...
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    SPSS Tranformation using Log10(variable+1) not working

    Hi, I'm trying to transform a positively skewed variable that includes 10 zeros, so I understand that when using the Log10 function, '+1' should be added, and then all the zeros would become 1. I have performed this, and although the distribution of the variable seems better, unfortunately...
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    Please help! Running ANOVA with skewed data in some conditions

    Hi there, I really hope you can help. I've been looking on a number of forums and have had no luck. Also have been looking through some of the threads here and am feeling more optimistic that someone can help me! I'm a PhD student, in my final 8 weeks so am desperate for some help! I'm...