logistic regression

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    presenting the results of logistic regression with dichotomous IVs

    I have a question about how to present the results of a series of 6 logistic regressions in which I have the same 2 dichotomous/binary IVs. The problem I have is that I am not sure how to organize the results. I would like to see some examples of how others have organized similar analyses. I...
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    NFL Week 6 regression predictions

    http://trevorbischoff.com/nfl-2015-week-6-predictions/ Atlanta 54% NY Jets 79% Pittsburgh 52% Minnesota 73% Buffalo 55% Detroit 84% Denver 75% Houston 55% Miami 52% Seattle 59% Green Bay 80% Baltimore 51% New England 59% Philadelphia 76%
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    Logistic Regression of NFL Data

    Week 5 picks from a logistic regression model for the NFL: http://trevorbischoff.com/nfl-2015-week-5-predictions/
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    Response rate calculation from logistic regression using SAS

    Hi All, I am working on logistic regression. I have a binary response variable (PASI response:yes,no) and three categorical covariates- treatment (treatment A, treatment B), body weight (below 60kg, above or equal to 60kg) and therapy taken (yes, no). I need to calculate the following...
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    Data Driven Logistic Regression

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a real life usage of logistic regression that I like to monitor as data feeds into it. Plus he is comparing it to other models. http://trevorbischoff.com/nfl-2015-week-3-predictions/ My students love talking about this and really helps create a great...
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    Normal logistic regression vs a mixed model; which to use? benefits gained?

    I have some evidence to suggest that one vaccine was far superior over another and resulted in the local elimination of a disease. Because it affects pharmaceutical companies the information is sensitive so I will share as much as I can. I analysed the following data set using logistic...
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    Logistic Regression

    Hello, I'm currently working on a churn modelling exercise that uses logistic regression. The challenge that i'm facing now is that the model is not returning good results. My hypothesis is that the churn rate in my data set is too small, such that a logistic regression was not able to pick...
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    saving predicted probabilities in logistic regression w/ bootstrapping

    SAS allows you to bootstrap a logistic regression and then save the predicted probabilities associated with logistic model. When I try doing that in SPSS, I get the following message: "This command is trying to save new variables while bootstrapping is in effect. The new variables will...
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    1)Test multicollinearity b4/after Stepwise Log Regress? 2)Final Equatn 3)Model Select

    Hi all, I need to perform logistic regression for my study. Pretty new to it but have read up on it and have tried it on SPSS. I would like to seek the advice from all of you regarding it. A brief description on my study: I want to see which factors (categorical and continuous) are...
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    Have I correctly specified my model in glmer ?

    The following multilevel logistic model with one explanatory variable at level 1 (individual level) and one explanatory variable at level 2 (group level) : \text{logit}(p_{ij})=\pi_{0j}+\pi_{1j}x_{ij}\ldots (1) \pi_{0j}=\gamma_{00}+\gamma_{01}z_j+u_{0j}\ldots (2)...
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    How to compute the residual standard deviation from `glmer()` function in R?

    I want to extract standard deviation of residual from `glmer()` function in R . So I wrote : lmer_obj = glmer(Y ~ X1 + X2 + (1|Subj), data = D, family = binomial) sigma(lmer_obj) I noticed that the last command `sigma(lmer_obj)` returns always "1" irrespective of data ...
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    Interactions in logistic regression - Please help

    Hi everyone, Currently I'm writing my thesis on the effects of divorce on children. It's a complex design so I guess I'll be posting more questions here :) My dependent variable is whether or not the respondent has ever been in a relationship. My independents are 2 dichotomous variables ...
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    Need help choosing a statistical method/model

    Hello, I am currently doing a study on the defensive behavior of the European Grass Snake, and I was hoping someone could help me figure out which model to use to analyze my data. I have 3 categories of dependent variables - 1) Pre-Capture Behavior 2) Post-Capture Behavior 3)...
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    Estimating Multilevel Logistic Regression Models

    The following multilevel logistic model with one explanatory variable at level 1 (individual level) and one explanatory variable at level 2 (group level) : \text{logit}(p_{ij})=\pi_{0j}+\pi_{1j}x_{ij}\ldots (1) \pi_{0j}=\gamma_{00}+\gamma_{01}z_j+u_{0j}\ldots (2)...
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    Help with glm--- Simple Logistic Regression

    Hi All! Thanks for reading. I wanted to compare month of sample collection (April, May, June, and July) to presence/absence data (coded in binary dummy variables). I tried to run a Simple logistic regression, but realized that the output table with p values, etc all report for may, June, and...
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    Logistic Regression as Data Transform?

    Hello everyone, new here, glad to be here! I have what might be an unorthodox question. I use the matlab function 'mnrfit' http://www.mathworks.com/help/stats/mnrfit.html to compute a logistic regression model given input data. The matlab function 'mnrval' performs the inverse...
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    Using single items as predictors for a logistic regression

    Hello! I'm conducting a logistic regression analysis for a project that has an absolutely awful research design, and I'm considering removing the regression altogether. But just out of curiosity, say I have 4 different predictors in my model. If one of these predictors is ONE item within a...
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    Reporting logistic regression results

    Hi, I have a study that aims to find out the association of a binary outcome (e.g. BP control-Y/N) with categorical independent variables e.g. their dietary and exercise preferences. As I have a very long list of these independent variables (50 qns on dietary and 50 qns on exercise), do I...
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    Logistic regression and significance of continuous variables across 3 periods

    I'm currently working on a logistic regression analysis in R with a binary response variable (0 = non-used; 1 = used location). I am modeling non-random habitat selection for a species of wildlife. I recently ran into an issue where I need to evaluate non-random habitat selection across 3...
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    Comparing groups/sites---need advice identifying variables and appropriate tests

    Hi, thank you for reading this and your potential input. This is a research study. I examined the prevalence of parasites in one insect species in an island ecosytem. Insects were collected from: Island 1: 3 sites (all very different elevations) Island 2: 2 sites (similar elevation)...