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    Probability to win

    Hello, I would like to calculate the probability to win 3 times in a lottery considering the following: 1 - the chance to win 1 time is 1 in 3.268.760 2 - it is not consecutive, so there is for exemple 1 year between one prize and another. Could someone help me? Thank you for...
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    Lottery Game Question (6/42)

    So I'm having a little difficulty with this lottery game question. I think this game is similar to the actual 6/49 game in Atlantic Canada, if anyone is even familiar with that area. So, say there is a lottery game that has 42 balls, numbered from 1-42. The player chooses 6 numbers of...
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    Lottery question

    Hey guys, new here. Just wondering if i am playing 23 games in a lottery, and IN TOTAL across the 23 games, the number 1 is drawn 9 times, what is the probability of that occurring? some more info about this specific game, there are 45 balls, and each game consists of 7 balls/numbers...
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    lottery probability

    got the answer already. thanks! :)