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    Numeric data become String data when transferred from excel to spss?!

    So I had some data from excel and I wanted to import it into SPSS to carry out T test. it looks like this on excel. perfectly fine percentage data however when it was imported to looks like this it became string data and i dont know what happened. all the percentages are gone...
  2. R

    Will VoiceOver work with Mac SPSS?

    Hi, VoiceOver is the built-in text-to-speech facility of Apple computers, which is vital to visually impaired/blind Apple users. I have a severley visually impaired student who needs to use SPSS for her course. She an Apple user and therefore needs to install the Mac version of SPSS. She...
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    Kindly need advise: what statistical package runs well on MAC?

    Hi all, I kindly need your advise, what statistical package that has full MAC support? I already have SPSS and R, but I try to use any variant of PLS because my co-worker uses smartPLS. However I read that smartPLS might not run well on MAC. Could anyone please suggest me? Many thanks